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Commence AP Chem!! May 11, 2008

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Okay, so I admit, I actually don’t have that much study material for chem. However, I do suggest you take the AP Chem Sparknotes Diagnostic Test, which gives you a somewhat accurate portrayal of what areas you need work in and what your grade might be.

Free-Response Practice here, directly from the College Board website. Also, here are some nice tips on what to do and what NOT to do on the test.

College Board Course Description – This is pretty useful. Pages 11-12 are a list of all the equations and constants you need to know, and skip to page 13 for some practice multiple choice. Skip to page 20 for practice free-response.

Practice AP Exam from

College Board Course Outline – College Board outline of all the topics, go through it quickly to see what concepts you still need reviewing.

And now onto…useful documents!! These were all written by my friend…if you don’t understand you can always leave a comment. 😀

aprxnssheet – a list of all the AP reactions you will need to know.

apstudysheet – nice study sheet, just skim through it and thoroughly review any areas you feel are unfamiliar.

chemiecalculations – a compilation of all the kinds of calculations you’ll probably need.

I don’t think the study sheet or calculations doc has anything on kinetics, though – we just started learning it a week ago in our class. >.< However, everything else should be covered.

Alright….hope this helps everyone!! Here’s to studying for another AP!


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    this is copyrighted

  2. Misty Lanes Says:

    fine… >_> mrhh

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